Hardware architecture

Even the hardware architecture is your choice, the application binaries we can provide are available for x64 or ARM processors.

Raspberry PI 3 and 4 with their OSs like buster and bulsseye are fully supported, even Windows on ARM OS is supported.

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Communication drivers
  • Applicom (Windows x86 OSs only)
  • Allen Bradley EIP – Ethernet
  • Allen Bradley PCCC – Ethernet
  • Allen Bradley DF1 – Serial
  • CAN Bus USBTin (www.fischl.de/usbtin/)
  • General Electric SRTP – Ethernet
  • Kernel PLCs TCP – Ethernet
  • Kernel PLCs – Serial
  • Kunbus (Revolution Pi https://revolution.kunbus.com) – Direct I/O
  • LTI Servo One – Ethernet
  • Mitsubishi FX (PRG) – Serial
  • Mitsubishi Computer Link – Serial
  • Mitsubishi SLMP1E – Ethernet
  • Mitsubishi SLMP3E – Ethernet
  • Modbus TCP – Ethernet
  • Modbus RTU – Serial
  • OMRON CMODE – Serial
  • OMRON FINS Serial – Serial
  • OMRON FINS TCP – Ethernet
  • OMRON EIP (CIP) – Ethernet
  • OPCUA – Ethernet – TCP transport (no encryption)
  • Saia Burges S-BUS – Serial
  • Siemens S7 protocol – Ethernet (even for MPI to Ethernet adapters)

Other kinds of communications drivers are works in progress and are not listed but
in the event your device does not support any of the protocols listed above,
do not hesitate to ask for its implementation.
We are very pleased to implement communication drivers on request.

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Easy backup and restore

Using easy HMI commands, you will be able to backup the entire HMI solution and recipes data.
It’s very easy to create your own archive of recipes and restore them whenever you need it.
Your precious data regarding production parameters will be always in a safe place.

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Multicultural environment

Nowadays in our companies there are a mix of cultures from all around the world.
Several languages are spoken and it is important to offer to the operators the opportunity to read the HMI interface using their own language.

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