First of all, welcome to this site, and thank you for taking time to read this text.
You are wondering why another SCADA with so many available choices 🙂

Developing HMI solutions, often we have noticed that the cost for purchasing the run-time and development licenses was even more than the cost related to development time.
Another important thing we have noticed is that normally to reach the goal, you need to use few functions compared to the many features at your disposition.
Again in the worst situation, every feature you need must be paid apart from the initial cost.

In other words, we were tired to pay many money even for a simple HMI solution.

In 2012 we started this project called "eScada HMI solution" where (e) stands for essential.
It is essential because it aims to implement the essential features you normally need.
After all this development time a very cheap HMI solution has came, with many interesting features.

Development tools and run-time license

There is no need to pay for the development tools, they can be used to implement a real solution without any restriction.
You will be able to try everything and only if you will be satisfied you will buy the license for the final run-time use.
Without a valid run-time license the only restriction is the run-time component will work for one hour.

You will pay only for the run-time license.
The license will be valid for the OS family and device chosen.
Device stands for: internal or external hard disks, USB keys, CD cards, CF cards, ....
OS Family stands for: Windows or Linux

eScada doesn’t require any installation procedure nor compilation, because it is designed to be used with removable supports, without any dependencies with the OS or other frameworks.
If your licensed HMI solution is resident on a removable device, you will be able to move such device to another hardware, with the same OS family, and your license will be ready to work again.


We offer only an online support based on the dedicated forum.
Other kind of direct support must be discussed with us, even though we are pleased to meet you wherever you are.


We would be very glad if you could try eScada.
Please ask other information you may need using the contacts form.

We wish you could enjoy to implement new HMI solutions using eScada, as much as we have enjoyed to develop it.