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  • Modbus TCP Ethernet
  • Modbus RTU Serial
  • Siemens S7 protocol. Ethernet (even for MPI to Ethernet adapters)
  • Allen Bradley EIP Ethernet
  • Allen Bradley PCCC Ethernet
  • Allen Bradley DF1 Serial
  • General Electric SRTP Ethernet
  • Kernel PLC TCP Ethernet
  • Kernel PLC Serial
  • LTI Servo One Ethernet
  • OMRON CMODE Serial
  • OMRON FINS Serial Serial
  • OMRON FINS TCP Ethernet
  • OMRON EIP Ethernet
  • CAN Bus USBTin (www.fischl.de/usbtin/)
  • Applicom (Windows OSs only)

Other kinds of communications drivers are works in progress and are not listed but
in the event your device does not support any of the protocols listed above,
do not hesitate to ask for its implementation.
We are very pleased to implement communication drivers on request.