Main notes about releases
v24.2.0 - March 2024
  • For OPC UA server objects, it is now possible to configure the 'readdata' attribute. readdata="0" No reading action will be performed before retrieving data. readdata="1" The device tag will be read before retrieving data.
  • For the following protocols, it is now possible to read contiguous data arrays using a single vector: AllenBradley EIP, General Electric SRT, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Omron EIP, Siemens S7
  • Corrected regression for derived SQLCommand object
v24.1.1 - February 2024
  • Lua programming language implemented
  • Sending emails with SSL/TLS, STARTTLS security
  • HTTP, HTTPS requests implemented
  • Encrypted project file
  • Images from eScada v20.1.2 are now imported correctly
  • Core libraries: SQLite v3.45.1, open62541 v1.3.9, Lua v5.4.6, CURL 8.5.0
v23.4.0 - December 2023
  • For touch screens and Windows 10, mouse up and mouse down events can now work even with "Press and Hold for Right-clicking" enabled
  • Fixed malfunction in the display of active alarms when the client is started for the first time
  • When pasting objects into pictures, their Z order is now preserved
  • Even with some "pictures" open you can now create a new one.
v23.3.1 - November 2023
  • Management of "fatal exceptions". A folder containing the crash information will be created in the binary files folder.
  • The UploadValues derived object now does not create blank lines when saving on Windows systems
  • Fixed error when creating a new OPCUA Device
  • Base libraries: SQLite v3.44.0, open62541 v1.3.7 (OPCUA), wxWidgets v3.2.4
v23.2.4 - September 2023
  • Fixed OMRON FINS driver malfunction with two or more connected devices
  • Base libraries: SQLite v3.42.00
v23.2.3 - June 2023
  • Fixed malfunction in displaying runtime alarms when they disappear from present
  • In the Linux version, some error messages when opening the "Pictures" drawing module have been fixed
  • Fixed tags import from text files when they are already present in groups other than the project from which they were exported
  • Fixed cross reference generation for tags used as parameters in {tagname:item} mode
  • Fixed crash in case of OPCUA Client driver not loaded due to configuration error
  • Base libraries: ASIO v1.28.0
v23.2.2 - April 2023
  • For extended tags of type "OPCUA Server" and "Modbus TCP server", it is now possible to declare the server end-point in their XML files
  • A single project can now have multiple instances of "OPCUA Server" type extended tags and no longer just one
  • Base libraries: SQLite v3.41.02, open62541 v1.3.5
v23.2.1 - March 2023
  • New "Activity indicator" widget to show animation of ongoing activity.
  • New "Slider" widget to display/change a value with a slider.
  • In tag Script, has been added the "translate" function to translate text strings on server side.
  • For the OMRON FINS-TCP protocol, it has been made possible to express client and server node numbers.
  • Extended OPCUA server tag now is based on library open62541
    Subscriptions features fully supported.
  • Fixed possible client crash when executing event actions on closing pictures.
  • Base libraries: wxWidgets v3.2.2.1, SQLite v3.41.01
v23.1.0 - December 2022
  • Picture name can be changed only without any picture open.
  • OPCUA client driver based on library open62541
  • Bug fixed in OMRON FINS TCP Driver; its typical bytes order "swap bytes order then words order" has been reimplemented, it was accidentally removed with v22.2.0
  • Base libraries: SQLite v3.40.00
v22.2.1 - November 2022
  • MITSUBISHI driver for Computer link protocol, has been implemented
  • Bug fixed in OMRON EIP (CIP) Driver; PLC data type STRING and single booleans, are now fully supported
v22.2.0 - November 2022
  • Cross reference has been implemented for entire tags, single items and object resources such as images, text lists and image lists.
  • Everywhere in editing windows for functions, scripts, SQL commands and parametrized texts, now used tags details can be shown and modified.
  • Images in resources context can be grouped.
  • Items scaling has been extended for each numeric data types.
  • Users and groups import/export functionality, has been implemented.
  • For each type of communication, new bytes order adjustment have been added: Swap bytes order in DWords, Swap words order, Swap bytes order in DWords then words order.
  • With OPC-UA protocol only, multiple tags prefixes can be expressed using device and tag groups parameters; even multiple tag addresses can be defined. This feature, should be useful for implementing one project only for multiple devices.
  • Mitsubishi SLMP1E protocol has been implemented and tested
  • Notifications context now shown items details for each notification.
  • Notifications items are not published anymore by default, it is up to the user enable such feature. Please notice that notification controls, will continue working as usual.
  • Base libraries: SQLite v3.39.04
v22.1.1 - September 2022
  • Binaries for Windows on ARM x64
  • Modbus driver based on ProModbus v13.1.8
  • Bug fixed in OMRON FINS Driver; now "Network relay error", "Fatal CPU Unit error" and "Non fatal CPU unit error" don't invalidate data
  • Base libraries: wxWidgets v3.2.1, SQLite v3.39.03
v22.1.0 - August 2022
  • Now for hswUImage widget, the following features have been added: Flip vertical, flip horizontal, rotation, scale factor, bluring and colour change. All mentioned features can be animated during runtime
  • Option to show in bold the first text row has been added for hswUButton, hswULabel and hswUImage
  • A new widget called hswCVecChoice has been added; this widgets permits to select a value from a given vector of data
  • Button to show and hide password has been added for log-in dialog, change password dialog and on screen keyboard
  • Manager application now always shows details about tag items
  • Tool client application shows tags values in binary format
  • Server application in GUI mode shows tags values in binary format
  • Server application in GUI mode shows project name on status bar
  • For MODBUS TCP and RTU tags, have been added three parameters: "Write only", do not read this tag at all, only writing functions are allowed. "Write single register" It forces to write a single array element using function 0x10 for multiple registers instead of using function 0x06. "Write single coil" It forces to write a single array element using function 0x0F for multiple coils instead of using function 0x05
  • Bug fixed in OPCUA Client driver while writing single element in an array
  • Base libraries: wxWidgets v3.2.0, ASIO v1.24.0, SQLite v3.39.02